Holiday squares

The aim of the holiday squares webpage is to improve coverage of WCBS squares in the uplands of northern and western Britain. Few recorders live in these areas, but they are very popular holiday destinations. Squares are currently available in Cumbria, Lancashire, North East England, Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire.

  1. Use the "Find place" control above the map to find a town or village near the area you are interested in, then tailor your search area by dragging and/or zooming the map.
  2. Press the "List closest sites" button (beneath the map) to list the 30 squares closest to the centre of the map - these will be displayed in a grid below the map in a table in ascending distance order. If there are no squares in the area you have selected, the map will be automatically panned and/or zoomed to show the nearest square.
  3. In order to request a square to be assigned to you, you must be registered and logged in.

Squares that are assigned to someone are shown in green, and unallocated in blue.

If you change the view (e.g. search on different location), you will need to use the "List closest site" button again to refresh the grid for the new map view.

Currently this form is configured to handle WCBS-BC sites only.