Welcome to the UKBMS Transect Walker online.


This online system will become the primary route for submitting UKBMS data, although we will continue to support data submission via existing routes (e.g. via Transect Walker).  The system can help to speed up data capture each year, as recorders will be entering their data directly onto a central database, and they will also be able to submit data on a weekly basis.  The site enables progress with recording to be tracked through the season.  Data can also be reviewed by transect co-ordinators.


The map on the right summarises recent recording activity (red symbols for sites recorded this year, blue symbols indicate sites recorded in previous years) and the website includes more detailed reports of recent activity.  Please note that this website does not currently include historic UKBMS data.

For WCBS recorders, please click this link to read instructions before registering!

Click here for the latest complete guidance on using the UKBMS Online Transect Walker.


Please send suggestions for improvements and general feedback on using this site to transect@butterfly-conservation.org